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Empowering your
bitcoin business


Bitcoin is the internet of money. Digital, global, and open to anyone.

We plug businesses into the future of money.

Accept bitcoin for payments

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to start.

We know that every business is unique so we implement the best-fitting point-of-sale solution specific to your needs.

Deploy a bitcoin treasury strategy

Reconciling your dollar-denominated liabilities with bitcoin's price volatility can be a challenge. 

We architect a bitcoin treasury strategy compatible with your business objectives.

Secure your bitcoin

Earning bitcoin gives you total control over your money as it doesn't require third-party trust to access your funds.


Taking your own custody of bitcoin may seem intimidating but we help make it as simple as possible every step of the way. 

Build out your bitcoin operations

Now that you're earning bitcoin you can further integrate it across your business operations. 


The bitcoin network operates globally 24/7 and sending bitcoin is as as easy as sending an email.

Why bitcoin is good for business

Open monetary network for anyone

Anyone can access the bitcoin network 24/7/365. No sign-ups, no registration, no wire fees and no permission needed. 99.9% uptime on the most secure computing network in human history.

Attract your future customers

90% of bitcoin owners are Gen Z and millennials and global adoption of bitcoin is projected to accelerate 10x by 2030.

Lightning fast payments

Receive or send digital payments instantly for near-zero fees. Experience immediate global payment settlement with as little hardware as a cell phone.

Money that can't be debased

Bitcoin has a permanent fixed total supply. Unlike the dollar, the value of your bitcoin can never be debased as a result of endlessly inflating the monetary supply.

Direct payments from customers

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network and works like cash in a digital format. No credit card companies, banks or payment processors in between you and your customer.

Local economic multiplier effect

Compared to credit card payments, bitcoin amplifies the local economic multiplier effect as income generated locally is not siphoned by large multinational banks and payment processors. 


About Bitadel

Bitadel is a bitcoin services provider helping businesses integrate bitcoin. We believe that bitcoin's monetary attributes are uniquely suited to empower businesses as bitcoin is impervious from the perpetual debasement and third-party risk with legacy money.

We get it - bitcoin is a new paradigm in monetary evolution and can be confusing. Bitadel is your partner to fill the knowledge gap and ensure you're fitted with the appropriate financial processes that equips your business to become interoperable with the future of money. 

Our objective is to uplift businesses, support circular bitcoin economies, and reignite localism. 

Bitadel does not provide any investment, tax, legal or financial advice. 


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